All Sales Targets Still Need Incentives

sales incentive plans

Sales and marketing work, say what you will, is still one of the most challenging of all commercial jobs, whether professional qualifications are being utilized or whether companies that enforce the sales are only prepared to work with the minimum set of skills and capabilities. The day to day work, whether it is still door to door in the old fashioned way, or now online, remains arduous. Quite a lot of discipline is required for sales consultants to plug on and reach their day to week, to monthly targets.

The going gets even tougher when those targets are not being met. And when these targets are not being met, it is not always the fault of the employees, nor even the company concerned. Market forces, they change so quickly from week to week in some areas, seem to dictate which way the wind must blow if you will. For any manager, supervisor or company owner to motivate his sales force remains quite a task. But he can help his company and his employees reach those required sales targets with sales incentive plans.

He does, however, need to be a little careful on how he manages those incentives. For instance, by setting fixed salary payments once a set target is reached could be tricky. Because once that target is reached, the sales consultant may be tempted to rest on his laurels. He may have been able to reach his own personal targets for the month. His monthly bills, from the smallest to the largest, may have been covered.

And he may have change to spare. No, the sales incentive plan needs to be structured in such a way so that the sales consultant’s work is never quite done. There must always be just that much cream lopped off from the top.